Website Design Birmingham

A really beautifully designed website is one of simplest ways you can engage new clients and keep existing clients on board. Our design team are trained and experienced with design for the web and design for print.

Wireframe & Design Intents

Your Design not Our Design

Our tried and tested processes for producing a design start at the paper prototyping phase. Wireframing helps us create the blueprint for the layout of your website, it’s the stage that ensures the design does not determent the functionality of the website.

Once we’ve agreed on the layout for your website we’ll produce a fully worked up design intent. This stage gives you the opportunity to feedback your ideas on our website design. it’s great to get your feedback directly into the design of your website without it impacting on the cost of the design. The design intent is the exact design of your website but on paper.

Website Design which is Unique

We don’t try and fit your specification into a mould or convince you to change things just to make life easy. Design must be unique and specific to your project.

Our designers are equipped with a knowledge of current and past design styles giving them absolute freedom to design in any style. Our designers are also artists in their own right, if you feel your design needs a touch of illustration or animation we can provide this.

Design for Print

Print design is a discipline in itself. Knowing that what you design on a computer screen will translate to printed medium is an artform in itself. Our experienced designers and skilled and experienced with designing for print. They have excellent knowledge of good quality colour conversion, paper mediums and printing types.

Additionally we have sustained and close relationships with printers in Birmingham UK who offer expert advice on how to get the best quality print from their equipment.


Illustration and Graphic Design and completely different disciplines. We don’t expect our graphic design department to come up with illustrated elements for design for games, websites or posters.

Our dedicated illustrator can provide custom icons, character design and general theme design from a short brief.

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