International Dance Festival Birmingham

Ticketing app for iOS and Android

Produced by DanceXchange in partnership with Birmingham Hippodrome, International Dance Festival Birmingham (also known as IDFB) is a major biennial festival that presents a world-class programme of performance and participation in theatres and public spaces across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Until 2016 IDFB relied on the box offices of each of their venues to manage ticket sales for their events.  This meant that attendees who wanted to buy tickets for multiple events at different venues had to complete transactions at each of the different box offices.   This methodology also put limitations on the data that IDFB could collect about festival attendees.

1UPDesign built a dedicated ticketing app for iOS and Android which allows users to buy multiple tickets at more than one venue in one transaction.  This provides a single point of access for all events and opened up opportunities for ticket discount offers across multiple venues.

The app also allows the festival to start building an in depth picture of the demographics of their audience by collecting relevant data on signup or checkout through the app.  Audience members can also confirm their attendance at free events which will enable the festival to nurture more cautious attendees to attend paid events at future festivals.

Download the app now for iOS and Android

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