Branding & Logo Design

1UPDesign's Three Stage Branding Process

Our three stage branding design process is tried and tested. We know it’s effective and most of all ensure that the perfect branding is created for your organisation or project.

We aim to involve you at every stage of the development of your branding providing regular design proof for review and comment. Our three stage branding design process is collaborative, efficient and effective.

Stage 1 - Sketching

The first stage of our three stage branding design process gives us the opportunity to work quickly. Using your initial ideas and with a great understanding of your organisation or project we begin to sketch some logo design ideas.

Once we’re got some great ideas we’ll share them with you for feedback and collaboratively choose the sketches to develop in Stage 2.

Stage 2 - Development

This is where we really get to grips with working up our sketched ideas into a really strong brand for your organisation or project. We take the sketches we agreed were ready for development and add colour, texture, shading and typography to make the design pop.

We’re creating a brand and logo which will stay with your organisation for years to come so we’ll take as much time as is required to ensure the brand is just perfect.

Stage 3 - Delivery

Once we’re in the advanced stages of our development of the design chosen in stage one we’ll share some proofs with you to ensure you’re happy with the design we’re creating.

We’ll agree any amendments required and get the logo and brand finished and ready for deployment.

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