Community Resolve

ePublishing apps for iOS and Android

Community Resolve approached 1UPDesign looking to develop a mobile app to showcase the resources they have developed on conflict resolution.  Community Resolve have considerable experience in working with others to build positive team, organisation and community relations.

The team wanted to create an interactive, intuitive and approachable way of displaying their content on tablets and mobile devices.  Taking inspiration from the best ePublishing platforms we created a solution for tablet, mobile phone and desktop which allowed the Community Resolve team to create a great looking magazine style publication for online media.  The apps allow the team to publish free or paid for content which can be viewed offline.

The Community Resolve team have a background in traditional publishing and place a large emphasis on well typeset content and use of photographs, diagrams and video to complement the content.  To allow the team to create content in this way we developed a custom CMS with realtime inline preview editor.  This allows the team to see the changes they are making to the content as they happen; they can resize, crop and move images to the perfect location, add video and typographical elements.

The Community Resolve application use our tried and tested Rails, Ember and Cordova stack allowing us to easily deploy to iOS, Android and web.

Get in touch for more information on the Community Resolve apps.  

Tel: 0121 572 6472