Views Reports Module

Intuitive Report Template Building Interface and Reporting

Views is an online project management and impact reporting platform, developed by social research cooperative Substance. It exists to help organisations prove their excellence in delivery projects for the Third Sector.

Substance approached 1UPDesign to re-imagine the user-flow and user-interface for their Reports module. Used constantly, the Reports module helps Projects themselves and the Agencies that oversee them understand the status of the projects.

To enable agencies to create bespoke reports we built a Report Templating system. This enables agencies to decide on the exact layout and content of their report using a variety of modular tools. These currently include titling, defined and undefined statistics (which are generated automatically from the Projects dataset), case-studies, and media. However the system is modular and new tools can be added at any time.

The User-Interface leans hard on Ajax and Javascript technology to enable a fast, intuitive experience. Tasks such as adding modules, re-ording and saving the template are all handled without browser reload.

Once a Report Template is complete it is disseminated to each of the Projects in that agency. The projects use a similarly simple to use interface to complete the Report and submit to the Agency.

A report versioning system was also built to ensure Agencies could changes Report Templates even after some Projects have filed their reports without fear of losing any data.

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