Content Management

Perhaps you’ve got a website that has content which is no longer relevant to your organisation or project but your knowledge of HTML isn’t quite up to making the changes yourself.

Don’t worry there’s a range of free open source content management systems which we can bolt onto your existing website design enabling you could keep your content up to date anytime.


Wordpress claim their open source content management system “is both free and priceless at the same time”. We’d be inclined to agree. Wordpress is an extremely simple to use, extensive and extensible content management system.

Wordpress allows you to change, add or manage content on your website at any time. You can manage a blog, change content on static pages, add pictures, video or audio.

Wordpress is extremely well supported with regular updates provided to fix any bugs, security holes or indeed just to provide new innovate content features.

Wordpress plugins also provide a wealth of free extensions to the core functionality of the content management system. These enable you to do pretty much anything you can think of with your wordpress site!

Best of all wordpress has amazing in built search engine optimisation so your pages will be well indexed by google, bing and yahoo.

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