Application Development

Our hugely experienced and highly trained development team at 1UPDesign have a proven track record with developing great looking, robust and highly effective applications for web and mobile. Equipped with a wide spectrum of languages and skills the team are ready for any project.

Actionscript to Zend

Equipped with a huge range of languages from PHP and Ruby to Python and Javascript our team can work at all levels. We’re at home with MVC frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Zend but also can easily create or extend existing code built from the ground up.

Open Source

We pride ourselves on using existing Open Source technologies to reduce the development overhead and as such the resource required to deliver a project. We also submit to Open Source projects to ensure their continuous improvement.

Mobile Apps and Websites for the Mobile Browser

Our team can build applications natively for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices. We also develop for websites for the mobile browser using technologies that work effectively with any handset.

UI and UX Design

The user interface and user experience can be what makes or breaks a web or mobile application. By using cutting edge technologies such as backbone.js we give ourselves the best chance of ensuring the user interface is intuitive and fun to use.

We’re experienced with running consultations with focus groups of all ages (from Children and Young People, to Adults). We love creating and refining paper prototypes with focus groups ahead of doing any coding, this ensure the best possible UI is produced.

Integration and Unit Testing

Integration and Unit tests help to reduce the time required to test and debug applications. Unit tests ultimately increase the stability of the finished application and reduce the development overhead required to in the final testing stages of development.

Database Design

Designing simple database schema is an art in itself; 1UPDesign’s development team know how important it is to get this right the first time. We spend time designing, testing and refining database entities before moving forward with the development of the core application ensuring your data is in the best possible format for the future of your business.

Tel: 0121 572 6472