Delivering you the video you love

Smart Video approached 1UP looking for a partner to join them to support them on their mission to change the way people consume video online.  The team had a great idea and a small amount of seed capital to get a prototype of the product off the ground

1UP provided advice and guidance to take the concept from an idea to reality.  We advised Vitascope on the design of user experience flows to ensure the best possible journey for every person who uses the service.

We supported Vitascope to identify the priorities and to plan a phased delivery which would provide the best possible product within the constraints of a tight budget.  We settled on implementing the system using a trusted software stack (Rails for the API and Ember for the front end all wrapped in Cordova to allow us to deliver the product to the Google Play app store).

The app is currently available for Android, take a look for yourself now.  

Tel: 0121 572 6472