StreetGames Mobile Registration Apps

Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android

StreetGames needed to increase the veracity of the attendance data they were collecting for participants at their session groups. They approached 1UPDesign with a brief for developing a mobile application which interfaces with Substance’s Views and enables coaches to complete registers of attendance on their mobile phones.

The data would be stored, and could be reported on, from within Views.

We searched for a solution which would enable as many coaches to use the applications as possible whilst providing the best value for money. We opted to build the apps using PhoneGap and JQuery Mobile.

PhoneGap allowed us to build the application only once and then distribute it to iPhone and Android apps stores.

We focused on ensuring the user-experience was perfect, ensuring the app was simple to use, intuitive and effective. To further speed up the process of registering participants we implemented a barcode scanner. Coaches simply scan the QR barcode on a participant’s ID card and they are marked as attended.

The app is now available in iPhone and Android stores.

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